Fast-Track Solution for Total Austral S.A.


Total Austral S.A. urgently required a turnkey 290 MMSCFD natural gas processing plant at a remote South American location to meet imminent sales delivery commitments. Customized solutions for process and treatment were necessary to meet high product performance standards.


Propak achieved start up within 10½ months from project sanction, surpassing product performance and project schedule requirements. The plant was fully modularized: the modules were fabricated in 18-24 weeks, arriving on site on week 32. Plant start up was 117 days from the arrival of the first modular skid on site.

Ten and a half months from contract award to start up for a complex turnkey development; 117 days from the arrival of first skid at site to start up...[these are achievements] that not many, if any, other contractor can claim in their reference list."

Propak accomplished this fast-track schedule within budget on 60,000 man-hours of engineering and drafting; 130,000 man-hours of modular fabrication; and 352,000 man-hours of construction management and construction on site in South America. Modular fabrication reduced construction manpower requirements to 250 construction workers, from an estimated requirement of 500 workers for a conventional "stick-built" plant.

The key to meeting the tight delivery and budget schedule was Propak’s overlapping integration of disciplines in a total EPFC solution. The project required a vendor with complete process and project engineering capabilities, outstanding technical competence, the capacity to build a fully modular plant and expertise in construction. Propak drew on its proven energy processing experience and its signature competencies to surpass client expectations.

Total Austral is proud to have selected Propak for the development [of this project], and look forward to new opportunities to pursue such a fruitful partnership."


Turnkey 290 MMSCFD hydrocarbon refrigeration and dew point control plant, producing 6200 bbl/d of stabilized condensate. In addition to the process plant, Propak’s scope included construction of temporary construction shops, a work-camp to house up to 500 local workers, and permanent camp facilities and office infrastructure.

Major Process and Treatment Units and Plant Systems: 2700 hp Gas Chilling Train; 1400 hp Stabilization System; 20 MMBtu/h Hot Oil System; 9.6 MW Power Generation System; Fire Water System; SCADA; Radio and Telemetry System; DCS.

Propak Services: Process Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Modular Fabrication, Construction Management and Supervision, Construction, Commissioning, Start-up.


Total Austral S.A. wrote a letter to express their sense of Propak’s achievement. The letter offers their "greatest congratulations" for Propak’s "very significant contribution to the success" of the project.

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