Central Processing Facilities

Propak’s modular thermal heavy oil facilities are designed based on proven industry standards to make them practical and fit-for-purpose. Designs are standardized to realize advantages provided by the cookie-cutter approach in avoiding costly and timely customization. These facilities are modularized to minimize the amount of site construction resulting in the combined fabrication and construction being completed for a much lower capital cost with a much shorter project schedule in comparison to more traditional thermal facilities’ designs and execution strategies.

Propak’s thermal heavy oil facilities have been developed through applying Propak’s over 45 years of modular design experience. The Propak standardized heavy oil facility designs originated as a partially modular facility and progressed to a fully modular facility eliminating all concrete foundation work further reducing the scope of field construction. This design has been further adapted to include a produced water recycle system appropriate for installation in Alberta.


  • Production Treatment: Inlet Separators, FWKOs, Treaters, Heat Exchangers
  • Water Treatment: Boiler Feed Water Systems, Produced Water Recycle Systems, Water Disposal Systems, Evaporators
  • Steam Generation: OTSG Packages, Drum Boiler Packages
  • De-oiling: Skim Tanks, IGF / ISF Packages, ORF Packages
  • Fuel Gas Systems, VRU Packages
  • Glycol Heater Packages, Aerial Coolers
  • Instrument Air Packages
  • Modular Pipe Racks and Process Piping
  • Electrical Buildings housing MCCs, Switchgears, Control Systems
  • Shop Installed Buildings
  • Pre-fabricated, Site Erected Buildings
  • Programming & Pre-Commissioning Activities