Modular Mini Refineries

Propak has the capability to provide engineering services as well as fabrication and construction of modular mini refineries typically for remote location and capacities up to 15,000 BBL/D. These modular mini refineries often include:

  • crude topping distillation
  • hydro-skimming
  • product treating
  • utilities

Crude Topping

Propak can provide modular crude topping units for distillate cuts.

Hydroskimming Units

If further upgrading is required, Propak works with licensors to upgrade naphtha cut to gasoline.


Propak has built isomerization units for light straight run gasoline upgrading and butane isomerization.


With the movement to cleaner fuels, sulphur and nitrogen removal from the crude fractions is required. Propak can design and build these units to meet your needs


If mercaptan removal is required, sweetening units can be provided.