Oil Separation

Propak has provided oil separation, oil treating and desalting units with installed capacities up to 150,000 BBL/D. Common industry techniques are combined with proprietary designs to optimize process conditions and to maximize client value.

Custom designs are often required for technically challenging applications. Our technology is efficiently treating heavy oil under 10° API gravity, light crude and condensate, oils containing paraffin's and various other applications.

Oil Separation and Knockouts:

  • full range of capacities to meet process requirements
  • 2 or 3 phase separation
  • standard carbon steel, 304-SS, 316-SS, or other exotic alloy construction
  • complete with optional internals to meet difficult process conditions
  • available with optional cyclone separation technology and/or baffle internals
  • optional building or winterization
  • electronic and/or pneumatic control

Oil Treaters and Desalters:

  • conventional coalescing techniques
  • electrostatic coalescing options
  • indirectly heated or direct fired
  • flooded 2 or 3 phase designs, with 2 chambers
  • integrated process and chemical pumping systems
  • optional building or winterization
  • custom designs for technically challenging applications
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