Well Site Facilities

Propak has provided SAGD manifold and testing facilities for well pads with as few as 1 well pair and as many as 24 well pairs. Propak can provide facilities expertise for optimizing plot space for value in drilling and completions operations, minimizing surface facilities, and staging of development of well pads.

Custom designing well pad facilities is often required due to well spacing and operation strategies. Propak can provide SAGD well pad facilities tailored to such needs.

Manifold Facilities:

  • Standardized for 1 – 9 Well Pairs per Building
  • Adaptable to Various Well Layouts and Production / Start-up Strategies
  • Configurable for Gas Lift, Rod Pumps and ESPs, Single or Dual String completions and Slant Wells

Testing facilities:

  • Vertical 2 Phase Test Separators
  • Horizontal 3 Phase Test Separators
  • Group Separation, Produced Gas Condensing, Multi-Phase Pumps