112 MMSCFD Gas Processing Plant

Project Description

Propak provided detailed engineering and design, procurement and fabrication services for Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control (Refrigeration) and Hydrocarbon Fractionation and Liquids Recovery facilities including associated equipment for an expansion to a remote existing facility with limited infrastructure. Propak’s standardized process packages were tailored to suit the process requirements and space constraints within the existing facility.

Project Specs
  • Nameplate Capacity: 112 MMSCFD
  • Propane Refrigeration
  • Two 1,700 hp Gas Engine Drive Refrigerant Compressors
  • Deethanizer and Debutanizer Fractionation Facilities
  • 1,700 hp Gas Engine Drive Overheads Gas Compressor
  • Glycol Regeneration System
  • Self-framed Buildings completed in Propak’s Shop
  • Compressor PLC Panels supplied and programmed by Propak
  • Services Provided
    • Engineering
    • Design
    • Procurement
    • Fabrication
    • Commissioning & Start-Up