Inlet and Sales Compressor Stations

Project Description

As part of Propak’s EPF scope for a 60 MMSCFD Sour Gas Plant, Propak designed and fabricated two dual service modular inlet / sales compressors. As the entire facility was executed by Propak, the compressor was consistent in design and fit with the entirety of the plant. Propak relied on the expertise of our engineers and designers to build a custom package according to detailed client requirements while adhering to high safety standards. During the design phase, an extensive HAZOP was conducted reviewing the interaction between the compressors and the other units of the plant. Propak worked closely with the client to incorporate these HAZOP considerations into the final design. PROPAK SCOPE ƒƒ - Performed Pre-FEED, FEED and Detailed Engineering & Design ƒƒ - Completed in-house pulsation studies and pulsation bottle designs ƒƒ - Procured Material ƒƒ - Fabricated vessels, spooling, skid and miscellaneous structural components - Designed, Manufactured and Programmed PLC control systems ƒƒ - Assembled and Tested at Propak’s Shop ƒƒ - Executed as Lump Sum Fixed Price

Project Specs
  • Six throw, two service reciprocating compressor
  • Service 1: sour gas two stage inlet compression
  • Service 2: sweet gas single stage sales compression
  • 5,000 hp natural gas engine driver
  • Engine exhaust waste heat recovery system
  • Building complete with noise attenuation
  • Services Provided
    • Engineering
    • Fabrication
    • Procurement
    • Design
    • Pre-FEED
    • FEED