Gas Dew Point Control

Propak is one of the world's largest manufacturers of natural gas dew point control units with several hundred units in operation. This process utilizes mechanical refrigeration (typically propane refrigeration) to chill and partially condense raw natural gas to separate out the heavier hydrocarbon components, and to produce a pipeline quality natural gas. The condensed hydrocarbon liquids are then distilled in either a stabilizer distillation column to produce a pentane plus (C5+) natural gasoline condensate, or, distilled in a deethanizer distillation column to produce a propane plus (C3+) LPG liquid product.

The dew point control units usually have an integrated gas dehydration process utilizing 80 wt% ethylene glycol injection into the cooling heat exchangers which captures the water, preventing hydrate formation in the process, and produces an outlet gas with less than 4.0 lbs/MMSCF.

Propak manufactures several standard size units with capacity of 5 to 50 MMSCFD and refrigeration power of 100 hp to 900 hp. As well, Propak can provide full custom designed units or full gas plants with a typical capacity of 5 MMSCFD to 300 MMSCFD and refrigeration power of 50 hp to 2500 plus hp.

Propak has manufactured dew point control units using the following process technologies:

  • mechanical refrigeration plants
  • Joule-Thompson (JT) units
  • silica gel absorber units