NGL Recovery (C2+)

Propak has completed more than 20 cryogenic turbo expander LPG and NGL recovery plant projects and has a proven track record of successful plant performances and start-ups.

We can provide the NGL recovery unit for your project or we can cover all aspects of your project depending on what fits your needs and requirements. Propak has supplied:

  • stand alone modular NGL recovery (extraction) units
  • complete cryogenic turbo expander NGL recovery plants, also including gas treating units, molecular sieve dehydration units, fractionation units, refrigeration systems, heat medium systems, utilities, etc.
  • EPC turn-key gas processing plants

Propak is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of LPG and NGL extraction plants utilizing cryogenic turbo expander technology for natural gas liquid recovery and separation. For NGL recovery (extraction), Propak can offer proprietary modified GSP process technology for cryogenic turbo expander NGL recovery plants achieving 94+% ethane (C2) recovery (depending on the gas conditions and composition).

Propak also has experience with other patented cryogenic turbo expander NGL recovery plants with ethane recovery ranging from 85% to 99+%.